Tough, time-consuming and tedious, moving to a new place is an experience that can try even the most organized and efficient people. It is not an everyday thing that you do on a regular basis and thus, it can catch you unawares at different stages of packing. Therefore, it is important to plan everything in detail but it is also important to avoid some mistakes as they can throw a spanner in your planning. So, here are the errors that you should take care to steer clear of.

  1. Saying no to external help – Many people who decide to relocate resort to doing everything on their own. They feel that the relocation moving/packing is of regular nature and can be managed the way travel related packing moving/packing is done. But this is where they get it all wrong. It ends up in last time challenges like lack of packing material and supplies which can lead to breakage of fragile items during transportation, misplacement/loss of documents and other problems.
  2. Avoiding sorting – Many people who have to relocate fail to recognize the golden opportunity that they have been blessed with during moving/packing for their new address. They can get rid of unwanted and unused belongings without having to do any extra work. However, many avoid it thinking that they would need it in future but it is a big mistake. Such items belong to trash and charity centers at best and hence, if you carry them to the new place, they will only add to your hassles and create extra baggage.
  3. Packing necessary items first – Packing the essential items such as utensils, jars, cosmetics, etc. first is a blunder as they are needed every day. These items should be packed last and if possible you should keep them in a separate carton marked “important” as they would also be needed immediately after moving to the new location. You can pack the décor, stationary and other such items first.
  4. Packing late – Packing just one day before moving or on the day of moving is no less than inviting trouble as it delays everything. It makes sense to plan packing a week ahead and mark the events on the calendar or set reminders for the same on your phone. This will set everything in motion and on the day of moving, you can sail smooth and have plenty of time at your new address to unpack and set the place as well.
  5. Packing haphazardly – Stashing your belongings without any thought in cartons and bags is not what you call proper packing. It may seem like a quick solution but it results into headache as you cannot locate the belongings while unpacking. So, pack carefully and mark the cartons based on their contents. Also, be organized while putting your belongings in bags and pack similar stuff in one bag.

These above-mentioned mistakes are really hazardous and if you avoid them, you can relocate to the new place with least hurdles. It would turn out to be a smooth ride and something that you will remember for a long time.