Q: When should I call for having a pre-move survey?

Ans. If you’re planning to relocate then it is important that you call us at least 2 days earlier as it can help us to plan the move in the best possible way to make it an easy process.

Q: What time will it take to finish up with the pre-move survey?

Ans. We plan the pre-move survey in the fastest way and it usually takes minimum of 30 minutes.

Q: What exactly is the purpose of conducting a survey?

Ans. The following is the purpose of conducting a pre-move survey by Shree Ganesh Packers and movers:

  1. Proper inspection of goods
  2. Understanding your needs
  3. It helps us to identify delicate and valuable articles
  4. It helps us to understand the volume of the goods and also measure it properly
  5. We can the assess the requirements of manpower and material needed
  6. We are also able to check the availability of facilities such as loading, parking, movement of vehicles, etc.

While we, Shree Ganesh Packers and movers, are having a survey we properly explain you the moving process as well as we give you details about transport facilities and scheduled dates for packing and moving.

Q: What are the things that I should be prepared about while having pre-move survey?

Ans. While we are having a survey it is important that you identify all those goods in you’re house and also decide which articles you intend carrying, storing, donating, leaving behind, etc. It is important that you’re surveyor knows about all the items that you intend carrying. This is important as we can easily make a better and more accurate estimate. By having this survey we can actually understand what are you’re special needs or any areas of concern. If you have any doubt or any question, make sure that you clear it out.

Q: Will all of my goods be crated?

Ans. Crating is generally done for only electronic goods, fragile or delicate items and glass or mirrors. But if you opt for crating of all goods then Shree Ganesh Packers and movers can definitely do the crating for all the items you want. If you feel the need of cartons for sorting out, then you can surely ask us, we will deliver as many as cartons you want prior to the move.

Q: What if, I want to pack my goods myself?

Ans. Yes, you can obviously pack the goods by yourself but only if you’re good at it. But you should know the problems associated with it, such as insurance company won’t be paying out for any goods if it is packed by their owner. If you really want to pack the goods by yourself then make sure that you leave the cartons unsealed as our crew will easily inspect content properly and also make a note in the inventory.

Q: How much time will the packaging take?

Ans. It is important that one understands that every home is different but having a normal truck load of household effect i.e. 650 CFT can actually take only one day within city and maximum 2 days for complete packing and transportation depending upon the city.

Q: What are the items that i can carry with me and what items i cannot?

Ans. Most of the personal stuff such as furniture, clothes, books, utensils, electronic goods, etc. can be carried up by you but all flammable items, liquids, perishable foods and other items shouldn’t be moved as they can deteriorate.

Q: Is taking out insurance necessary?

Ans. Shree Ganesh Packers and movers is quite experienced in this field and we use best quality packing material and also employ an experienced crew to pack you’re goods. But still if you’re journey is quite long, its best to opt for transit insurance as accidents and mishaps come without any warning and having insurance is a good bargain rather than just being sorry later.

Q: Which type of insurance should i take?

Ans. Insurance packages are available such as Transit risk coverage or comprehensive coverage which you can take.

Q: How should the valuation of goods be done for insurance?

Ans. Before taking out the insurance make sure that you actually think how much would be the replacement cost for each item. After you get all the replacement cost then decide which insurance to go for.

Q: What transport facility will be used for moving my goods?

Ans. Shree Ganesh Packers and movers have many moving options for you such as small to very large trucks. But this totally depends upon the volume of the goods concerned.

Q: Can i have somebody accompany the vehicle in transit?

Ans. Yes, if you want someone to accompany you is goods till the transit is complete. The person accompanying you’re goods is known as escort. It is very useful as the packer who packed you’re goods would be there to assist you at you’re destination.

Q: When will my goods be unpacked?

Ans. You’re goods would be unpacked at the destination and will assist you in unloading, unpacking, removal of debris and even setting up of you’re home.

Q: Will Shree Ganesh Packers and movers assist me in dismantling all complicated furnitures and electrical fixtures?

Ans. Yes, our team would surely help you with contacts that may be professional for carpentry and even electrical and plumbing services. The costs concerning any of these services will have to be paid by you directly to the vendor concerned.

Q: Should I pay for any interstate taxes?

Ans. Generally, it is found that there are no interstate taxes. But in cities like Bombay one has to pay nominal interstate taxes. But when it comes to automobiles these taxes are much more higher.

Q: What documents do i need to move my personal effect?

Ans. One has to submit Packing list, declaration for check post purpose as well as destination delivery address. But if you’re moving an automobile then it’s important that you submit copies of registration as well as insurance documents, tax paid receipts and even emission certificate.

Q: What if i want to move my car too?

Ans. Yes, we can move your cars depending upon your time and budget constraints. You can move your car either in exclusive vehicles or co loaded with other cars in trailers.

Q: What exactly happens to my goods once they have been packed and moved from my residence?

Ans. All your goods at Shree Ganesh Packers and movers are moved directly from door to door transshipment. But the small volume of your goods would be moved to Shree Ganesh Packers and mover’s warehouse and it would be clubbed with other goods before dispatch.